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The first COLD FUSION reactor available to market place !

January of 2019

The Future Is Now
Ecat Demonstration, compiled, edited and written by Roger Green, Ecat licensee Cold Fusion Ecat SK LENR thermal generator is released to the USA market.

At the beginning of the live demonstration, Ecat inventor Andrea Rossi run through some of the calculations. He stated the Ecat has a COP of 57: 1
That is extremely impressive, anything above a COP of 10: 1 is fantastic.

The claimed COP (Coefficient of Performance—Output power/Input power) for the entire device is 57, with the electric input power being 380 W. However, the electric power is supposedly consumed almost entirely for cooling of the control panel and that heat is being reused at the output. The claimed power consumption of the E-Cat SK reactor is 0.8 mW, meaning that the COP for the reactor alone would be in the order of tens of millions.

The Ecat SK in the live demo was 1 x 22kW Ecat SK.
The temperature is up to 600 Celsius (much higher inside the reactor)
Each unit is 22 kW
Measure 93 x40x47 cm and consumes electricity for the control system.
380W used by the control panel
Weigh 9.1 kg
Does not produce carbon dioxide!!

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The Planet is Smiling Today

January of 2019

The Ecat is the first cold fusion technology to enter the global marketplace
Last night, inventor Andrea Rossi released an online presentation featuring the performance of the Ecat SK reactor.
No carbon emissions
No fossil fuels used
Completely Earth friendly (smile)
High energy density and COP (1:57) that's off the chart!

Well done Mr Rossi and the planet is smiling today
If you wish to watch the 2 hour presentation view the youtube recording here

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Has cold fusion finally arrived?

January of 2019

Energy is a concern for planet Earth in many ways. We live in an an increasingly energy hungry world, with increased development in many parts of the world. There are huge concerns surrounding the amount of pollution that is currently emitted by fossil fuel sources, and the dangers of nuclear power plants. Many countries are moving to transition to renewable sources of fuel because of these concerns. However it is hard abandon fossil fuels significantly when the main alternatives, solar and wind, struggle to keep up with energy demand, especially without sufficiently developed energy storage technology.

For people interested in an energy source that is clean, energy dense, efficient, and can be created in vast quantities from tiny amounts of inexpensive raw materials, then it might be worthwhile taking a look at the E-Cat SK, an invention of Italian inventor Andrea Rossi, which is to be introduced to the world in a public demonstration on January 31st 2019

The promise of LENR and the delivery of low cost energy is not only the holy grail of physics, but a story that has the potential to change the world as we know it. Obviously the first uses will be industrial heat and steam for many factories, but lets look at some other uses...

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ECAT QX Presentation in Stockholm

December of 2017

Comments from Mats Lewan, Measurements By Eng. William Hurley

Around 70 respectful and engaged participants attended the E-Cat QX presentation in Wallenberg, Sweden. (the QX refers to new reactor called the Hot cat with claims it reaches much greater temperatures). It was stated that the demonstration was NOT going to proof anything but it was just a demonstration by the inventor, and it shall be perceived as such. The purpose of the demo was to show the characteristics of the QX and it did that well enough. Consider its small size, that it can be instantly switched on and off, and it seems to have a high COP of 507 from official reports coming in. It can operate at 2300 C. That is a major step forward. Proof of whether it really works will be left to near future due diligence reporting.

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400 DAY trial of the 1 MW warm Cat Independent report out soon!

May of 2016

Preliminary results in the Cold Fusion reactor “ Ecat Technology” - the 1 MW unit run for 352 days non stop !

Leonardo Corporation announced that on March 29, 2016, Leonardo Corporation received independent third party validation of the overwhelmingly positive results of a nearly yearlong test of Leonardo’s 1MW Energy Catalyzer (“E-Cat”).
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E-CAT Patent Granted by USPTO

August of 2015

Andrea Rossi and Leonardo Corporation receive its first ECAT patent in the United States from the US Patent and Trademark Office, USPTO. See ECAT Patents or external link to ECAT Patent at USPTO.

The Patent covers the ECAT as a Fluid Heater based on the Rossi Effect in all its details. Since the Rossi Effect is the main source of energy of the ECAT, this means that the ECAT Core Technology is protected by this patent. The Rossi Effect is based on the exothermal reaction between Lithium and Hydrogen which is catalyzed by Nickel or any other Group 10 element in the Periodic Table, including Palladium and Platinum. The Rossi Effect is a new type of high energy density LENR based exothermal process discovered by Andrea Rossi.

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Independent Validation

August of 2015

Commentary By Martin Armitage-Smith and Roger Green

Cold fusion reactor verified by third-party researchers to have 1 million times the energy density of gasoline!

What has happened? On 8 October 2014 a team of reputable, well-qualified European academics released a long-awaited report of their testing of an E-Cat device. The team of investigators, from Italy and Sweden, was the same one that conducted the 2013 test on the Hot Cat. This time the researchers had observed an E-cat operating constantly over a 32 day period at temperatures in excess of 1400 degree C, where it produced net energy of 1.5 megawatt.

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