Welcome to a New Era of Energy Production

Groundbreaking Technology - The Ecat is Pioneering a Clean Energy Future

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Welcome to a New Era of Energy Production

A profound new energy technology has recently emerged. It is called the Ecat (Energy Catalyzer), invented by Italian Andrea Rossi and is based on the process of Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (LENR) “aka Cold Fusion” – long regarded as the “holy grail” of sustainable energy production.

E-Cat technology works by taking a small amount of nickel, applying a catalyst, while in a pressurized hydrogen atmosphere. Truly novel reactions start to take place (beyond the usual chemical ) and the result is a huge release of energy.

To give you an idea of the massive energy density of LENR, one barrow of Ni-H fuel, taken through the Ecat process, releases the same energy as a super tanker of oil. This is an energy density that is 100,000 times greater or more than burning fossil fuels.

The Nickel And Hydrogen Fuel Is Cheap And Abundant And Only Tiny Amounts Are Utilized.

Zero Carbon Dioxide Emissions, Zero Toxic Pollutants Of Any Sort.

Whisper Quite Operation With Zero Noise Pollution

Uses No Radioactive Materials, Causes No Nuclear Waste, Emits No Radioactivity Into The Environment.

E-Cat Technology Works At A Far Higher Performance Than Any Other Tech

Totally Sustainable Energy, Economically Attractive And The Ultimate Green Machine

Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (LENR)“aka Cold Fusion” –long regarded as the “holy grail” of sustainable energy – has finally taken its leap into reality with the release of the E-Cat Energy Catalyzer.



Roger Green with Andrea Rossi

“ My life and passion for the last ten years has been directed towards renewable energy systems. Our modern civilization keeps moving due to the gigawatts of thermal, mechanical and electrical energy it consumes on a daily basis, usually from fossil fuels. The Ecat technology represents an opportunity to reshape the energy landscape around the world. It provides an environmentally friendly source of very clean low cost energy, that has the potential to have a serious impact on our society and emerging third world communities. In the near future I can envision cars, trains, spacecraft, desalination, houses, industry, food production and local power stations being supplied energy by the Ecat Technology. Welcome to the future - a New Era of Energy Production ”

Roger Green CEO Eco Global Fuels Limited - Ecat Licensee

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Latest ECat News & Announcements

The first COLD FUSION reactor available to market place !

The Future Is Now
Ecat Demonstration, compiled, edited and written by Roger Green, Ecat licensee Cold Fusion Ecat SK LENR thermal generator is released to the USA market.

At the beginning of the live demonstration, Ecat inventor Andrea Rossi run through some of the calculations. He stated the Ecat has a COP of 57: 1
That is extremely impressive, anything above a COP of 10: 1 is fantastic.

The claimed COP (Coefficient of Performance—Output power/Input power) for the entire device is 57, with the electric input power being 380 W. However, the electric power is supposedly consumed almost entirely for cooling of the control panel and that heat is being reused at the output. The claimed power consumption of the E-Cat SK reactor is 0.8 mW, meaning that the COP for the reactor alone would be in the order of tens of millions.

The Ecat SK in the live demo was 1 x 22kW Ecat SK.
The temperature is up to 600 Celsius (much higher inside the reactor)
Each unit is 22 kW
Measure 93 x40x47 cm and consumes electricity for the control system.
380W used by the control panel
Weigh 9.1 kg
Does not produce carbon dioxide!!

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The Planet is Smiling Today

The Ecat is the first cold fusion technology to enter the global marketplace
Last night, inventor Andrea Rossi released an online presentation featuring the performance of the Ecat SK reactor.
No carbon emissions
No fossil fuels used
Completely Earth friendly (smile)
High energy density and COP (1:57) that's off the chart!

Well done Mr Rossi and the planet is smiling today
If you wish to watch the 2 hour presentation view the youtube recording here

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Has cold fusion finally arrived?

Energy is a concern for planet Earth in many ways. We live in an an increasingly energy hungry world, with increased development in many parts of the world. There are huge concerns surrounding the amount of pollution that is currently emitted by fossil fuel sources, and the dangers of nuclear power plants. Many countries are moving to transition to renewable sources of fuel because of these concerns. However it is hard abandon fossil fuels significantly when the main alternatives, solar and wind, struggle to keep up with energy demand, especially without sufficiently developed energy storage technology.

For people interested in an energy source that is clean, energy dense, efficient, and can be created in vast quantities from tiny amounts of inexpensive raw materials, then it might be worthwhile taking a look at the E-Cat SK, an invention of Italian inventor Andrea Rossi, which is to be introduced to the world in a public demonstration on January 31st 2019

The promise of LENR and the delivery of low cost energy is not only the holy grail of physics, but a story that has the potential to change the world as we know it. Obviously the first uses will be industrial heat and steam for many factories, but lets look at some other uses...

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