Why the E-Cat Could be a Very Big Deal

The live demo is happening on:
New York Thursday 31st Jan 9am 
Sydney, Australia  Friday 1st Feb 1am
London, UK  Thurs 31st Jan 2pm
Tokyo, Japan Thurs, 31 Jan 11:00 pm
New Delhi, India Thurs, 31 Jan 7:30 pm
Cape Town, South Africa Thu, 31 Jan 4pm

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Energy is a concern for planet Earth in many ways. We live in an an increasingly energy hungry world, with increased development in many parts of the world. There are huge concerns surrounding the amount of pollution that is currently emitted by fossil fuel sources, and the dangers of nuclear power plants. Many countries are moving to transition to renewable sources of fuel because of these concerns. However it is hard abandon fossil fuels significantly when the main alternatives, solar and wind, struggle to keep up with energy demand, especially without sufficiently developed energy storage technology.

For people interested in an energy source that is clean, energy dense, efficient, and can be created in vast quantities from tiny amounts of inexpensive raw materials, then it might be worthwhile taking a look at the E-Cat SK, an invention of Italian inventor Andrea Rossi, which is to be introduced to the world in a public demonstration on January 31st 2019

The promise of LENR and the delivery of low cost energy is not only the holy grail of physics, but a story that has the potential to change the world as we know it. Obviously the first uses will be industrial heat and steam for many factories, but lets look at some other uses...

Feed the world

Energy = high potential standard of living. The instant mankind replaced muscle power with chemical power was the instant we became freed from our limitations. The result was the rise from near slavery conditions to grow our food and provide the resources to that of a high standard of living. At least for those that have energy.
So with low cost energy, the ability to grow food just about ANYWHERE on the planet will the result of such an energy revolution (including arid land use / hydroponics / Bloom the Desert technologies )


The other revolution of course would be transportation. Transportation and movement of goods is mostly driven by chemical (fossil) fuels. LENR can transform this area. Battery technology is still not up to the task, but a LENR power pack is. Imagine a Ecat reactor pack in your car generating stream / hydrogen - you would never need to 're-charge' except for the Ecat pack which is every 6 months.

Refer to our R and D section on our website for more information: https://www.ecat.tech/ResearchAndDevelopment

It is the "SK" device that Rossi will be demonstrating in a presentation and live video streamed to the world. The goal of this demonstration is apparently to show an E-Cat SK reactor (or reactors) in action, which will involve showing how much energy it can produce, and how much it consumes in the process (we presume). If the E-Cat really does put out more energy than it consumes this really would be a big deal, as this is not possible in any known chemical reaction (such as combustion of fuel).If the measurement systems are transparent, and the results show that the E-Cat is able to successfully produce significantly more energy than it consumes, it will help confirm that the E-Cat really is a very big deal.

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