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Converting Ecat Energy into Electricity via the Ultra Efficient Tesla Turbine






Executive Summary

Business Opportunity / Background

Our Tesla Turbine design represents the ideal, economical and efficient way to convert the Ecat thermal heat into electricity.

On October 8th, 2014 Andrea Rossi publicly released his third party independent report of his Hot Cat LENR Cold Fusion reactor, which ran non-stop for 32 days and reached approx. 1400 Celsius. Andrea Rossi is currently embarking on building a 1 MW Hot Cat prototype, which will be completed in several months time.

It is Rossi intention to set up global “E CAT POWER PLANTS” to sell market competitive renewable green energy.

The 1 MW Rossi Ecat reactor will need associated technology to convert the heat generated by the LENR system, into mechanical and electrical heat. However, the most efficient conventional turbine e.g. Siemens or General Electric turbine can only reach approx. 30-40%.

"A Tesla Turbine design can reach much higher efficiency, therefore creating a much larger ROI."

Based on its compact size, it also has the potential to be bolted onto an Ecat reactor into a CAR, producing the first cold fusion car in history, without the need for expensive batteries and infra structure

Refer to our transportation presentation R&D project using LENR / Tesla Turbine / Ecat

Our Tesla Turbine design and associated other innovations represent the ideal economical and efficient way to convert the Ecat heat into electricity.

Obviously the Tesla Turbine and “other innovations / products” can be sold on the open market and have dozens of other uses and a huge potential for commercialization.

We have potentially opened the door of immense opportunity for this new company and business partners for the “Products” to be tested and validated by Rossi and to become the chosen technology to lead the way in future applications of the E cat technology to generate electricity for the words national grids and many “on-site” Ecat power plants globally

Our Tesla Turbine Design

One moving part – the rotor (bladeless disk pack). All motive fluid or gas MUST act to be converted to mechanical energy (the rotation of the shaft). Robust design. No mechanical wear, with magnetic bearings utilized. Extremely simple, and inexpensive construction, through metal casting, pressing, or newly developed 3-D rapid prototyping technologies. Powerful. Small footprint.

A 100 kW Tesla Turbine occupies a space of a mere 20” diameter by 4” thick. Completely scalable from 10 kW to 500 kW, ideal to be bolted onto the emerging cold fusion reactor called the Ecat.

The Most Efficient Turbine In The World

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We are looking for investors to join our design team and Roger Green of Breakthru-Technologies, to produce our unique Tesla Turbine prototype.

Potentially this turbine in various sizes can be bolted onto every Ecat Cold Fusion reactor to be rolled out to the world, from E cat Power Plants (100-1000 MW), domestic units (10 kW) and into every cold fusion car that the future will have. Obviously a massive marketplace, including other conventional applications such as waste heat to electricity etc

More details available on signing a NDA
Inquires: Roger Green ecoglobalfuels@gmail.com