Comments from Mats Lewan, Measurements By Eng. William Hurley

Around 70 respectful and engaged participants attended the E-Cat QX presentation in Wallenberg, Sweden. (the QX refers to new reactor called the Hot cat with claims it reaches much greater temperatures). It was stated that the demonstration was NOT going to proof anything but it was just a demonstration by the inventor, and it shall be perceived as such. The purpose of the demo was to show the characteristics of the QX and it did that well enough. Consider its small size, that it can be instantly switched on and off, and it seems to have a high COP of 507 from official reports coming in. It can operate at 2300 C. That is a major step forward. Proof of whether it really works will be left to near future due diligence reporting.

There is much improved transparency of the test protocol. On proposals by Mats Lewan, there was the measurement of the electrical input power to QX generator, an oscilloscope was used for the real time visualization of the generator current ( to be able to visualize exclude any additional high frequency power feeding the generator) and two additional measurements where the QX generator was replaced by two dummy resistors, one being a conductor and an 800 Ohm resistor.

Did Rossi fulfill his expectation on this day of demonstration? A successful first ever demo of a LENR powered energy generator, the E-Cat QX? Reports coming in he seemed pleased and thought that in general the demo went according his expectations. He means that the now officially calculated result from the test, a COP of 506.66 should be enough to show the public what the E-Cat QX can offer.

Below is the full video of event

Here are the slides that Mats Lewan use in the first segment of the demo Note that these slides do not include the test results


Duration of the measurement period: 1 hour: the measurement has been made after the apparatus has reached a reasonably constant temperature

amount of water pumped through the reactor: 1 000 g
Water temperature at the input of the reactor: 21 C
Water temperature at the output of the reactor: 41 C
Delta T: 20 C
Energy produced: 20 x 1.14 = 22.8 Wh/h

Measurement of the energy consumed ( during the hour for 30′ no energy has been supplied to the E-Cat) :
V: 0.3
OHM: 1
A: 0.3
Wh/h 0.09/2= 0.045
Ratio between Energy Produced and energy consumed: 22.8/0.045 = 506.66

Instrumentation used for the measurements: Oscilloscope Tektronix TBS 1052B
K probes Omega supplied and calibrated by Prof. Bo Hoistad of the University of Uppsala
Water pump Prominent. The water pumped for 1 hour has been poured in a plastic container seat on a scale to measure exactly the water passed through the E-Cat.
Temperature Data Logger: PICO Technology
The scale to weight the water passed through the E-Cat has been supplied by Eng. Mats Lewan of Stockolm

William S. Hurley
Senior Engineer- Endeavor
Los Angeles