Andrea Rossi and Leonardo Corporation receive its first ECAT patent in the United States from the US Patent and Trademark Office, USPTO. See ECAT Patents or external link to ECAT Patent at USPTO.

The Patent covers the ECAT as a Fluid Heater based on the "Rossi Effect" in all its details. Since the Rossi Effect is the main source of energy of the ECAT, this means that the ECAT Core Technology is protected by this patent. The Rossi Effect is based on the exothermal reaction between Lithium and Hydrogen which is catalyzed by Nickel or any other Group 10 element in the Periodic Table, including Palladium and Platinum. The Rossi Effect is a new type of high energy density LENR based exothermal process discovered by Andrea Rossi.

Q&A with the Inventor Andrea Rossi of Leonardo Corporation:

  • Andrea, congratulations on your patent! What does this mean for you personally?
    An extremely important achievement for all our team, of which Hydro Fusion is an integral part.
  • What does this patent mean for Leonardo Corporation?
    An instrument to defend the IP and, consequently, encourage our investors.
  • Why did you choose to call the patent Fluid Heater?
    This name was used as part of the patent strategy
  • Does this patent apply for your newest model “E-CAT X” as well?
    Of course, the core technology is the same.
  • Was it many iterations with USPTO before you could get your patent granted?
    Yes, as you have seen the Patent Application has been made in March 2012, so two and a half years of iterations.
  • When did you first hear about your patent was granted?
    A week ago from my Attorneys.
  • What plans do you have next?
    Work in the Plant as every day.
  • The Patent says that typically the Wafer should be replaced every 180 days. The ECAT 1 MW Pilot Plant has been running for more than 180 days now, have you done one such replacement already or has the wafers sustained for longer use?
    Yes, the wafers has sustained longer
  • If the latter, how long do you believe the wafers of the ECAT 1 MW Pilot Plant will last?
    One year.
  • The Patent clearly states that any of the Group 10 elements can be used and that Nickel is the preferred element due to abundance and hence price. Have you tested all elements separately or in mixtures to see whether the Rossi Effect efficiency changes?
  • In last paragraph 10 of the patent it clearly states that Lithium Aluminum Hydride only is used to provide Hydrogen Gas to exothermal reaction between Lithium and Hydrogen catalyzed by Nickel. Does this mean that the patent covers any use of Hydrogen Gas as a self-sufficient fuel source for Hydrogen?
  • There are several filed patents from you and Leonardo Corporation, how is this patent application ranked among all these filed patent applications?
    This is #1.
  • There are a tremendous amount of details revealed in this Patent, are you afraid this will lead to more people copying your invention or do you think the Patent will discourage such behavior globally?
    The Patent, as such, protects the IP.
  • How will you celebrate this remarkable day?
  • And lastly, is there anything you want to share with our readers?
    The fact that now the mass production of the E-Cat is closer.

Find Full Patent Text below: