Renewable clean energy is a high growth industry.

Andrea Rossi / Leonardo Corporation is the owner of the LENR (low energy nuclear reaction) Ecat (Energy Catalyzer) IP and its manufactured products.

Current Products

Ecat Producer of renewable, carbon neutral hot water and steam at 600 degrees Celsius.
Applications: Industrial heating and air-cooling/conditioning.

Future products

Producer of renewable electricity and thermal temperatures of 600 +
10 Kw domestic heating units
Future use in transportation and space travel

Marketplace Investment Opportunities:

Roll out capital is required for development into Ecat marketplaces.
Currently the territories available for investment and joint ventures are:

  • Japan
  • Korea
  • India
  • South East Asia
  • Africa
  • Spain and Portugal

R&D Investment

LENR cars, LENR cities, LENR agriculture and LENR desalination
Please note. This is independent R&D and is not R&D with Leonardo Corporation

All inquires please provide this information

  • Contact Name
  • Company Name
  • Position
  • Industry
  • Contact email, phone and website
  • Provide due diligence documents
  • Country interested in investment
  • Other areas of interest

Further correspondence would require a NDA.

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