Ecat Cars & Transports




Development of the Ecat Car
Via Tesla Turbine + Generator




The emerging Tesla Turbine will give us increase in efficiency making it possible to get a conversion rate suitable for use in transportation.

A tesla turbine with alternator has a net efficiency of 64%. Compact size and high torque, ideal for a turbine/generator in a Ecat CAR and other forms of transportation.

The compact Ecat/turbine/generator re-charges the battery, making no need for recharging stations and giving you unlimited range.


Why develop an Ecat Car?

  • Zero Emission
  • Long Life
  • Little maintenance
  • No need for refueling or recharging stations
  • Overall low cost per mile compared with conventional vehicles
  • Smaller storage battery/lower cost

Advantages of LENR/Electric Hybrid Transportation

  • Unlimited Range – Vehicle charges as it goes
  • Either batteries or supercapacitors can be used for a storage medium.
  • Capacitors have a longer life, and less maintenance.
  • Less maintenance
  • Heat source for cold weather – selling point in northern countries.
  • Heat can also be used in an evaporative-type air conditioner.

LENR is the next step in terrestrial propulsion and beyond.

Cars have had the same fuel source for more than 100 years. Rocketry has been nearly the same. Due to the negative impact that conventional fuels is having on the environment, change is not only possible, but ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY for our continued survival. We can no longer keep doing “business as usual.”

Park your car in the garage the Ecat reactor does not stop, it recharges your home and business (imagine a million vehicles powering up the national grid).

Applications of LENR

  • Adsorption Type Refrigeration Systems & HVAC
  • Transportation- Hybrid Cars & Trucks
  • Transportation- Substitute For Diesel- Electric Locomotives
  • Transportation- Turbine Driven Ships & Submarines
  • Space- Substitute for “Hot Isotope” RTG Units
  • Space Planes & Exotic Propulsion
  • Site Generated Power