South Korea

Eco Global Fuels holds the license from Andrea Rossi / Leonardo Corporation for the sale and distribution of all Ecat products in the following territories

  • The Republic of Korea

Eco Global Fuels was founded in 2007 by Roger Green.

Korea represents a population of over 50 million people, with a strong infra structure and economic growth. South Korea is East Asia's most developed country and has one of the highest standards of living in the world. Driven by high-tech international companies, it has a reputation as the world's most innovative country. The government has a $84 billion five-year green growth project that aims to boost energy efficiency and green technology. The green-based economic strategy is a comprehensive overhaul of South Korea's economy, utilizing nearly two percent of the national GDP

For inquiries for the 1 MW (warm) Ecat  and for business collaborations, joint ventures, commercialization of the Ecat products and any other areas of development

Roger Green, Director

All inquiries will be handled with confidentiality.

We will usually request a NDA for further discussion of the Ecat purchase and any business opportunities