Ecat, Agriculture, LENR & Future Cities



Sustainably Bridging The Energy-Gap

In the near future, the Ecat could help provide desalination techniques, and very importantly provide the energy needed (heating and cooling / electricity) for greenhouse crops, hydroponics and dwellings. On-Site Ecat Power, offers a measure of energy independence, and avoids the huge losses from distribution power line grids.

BTD trial farm in Dubai

Ecat & BTD combined can grow crops in the desert using low cost methods. Our trial farm in Dubai proved up BTD tech. We reduced high salt sands 13.2pH to a measured 8.2pH, using our tailored made microbes, sea water extracted ‘ormes’, biochar & ‘magnetized water’. We grew vegetables in the desert without any chemical fertilizers.

“Whole regions of planet Earth can be rejuvenated into blooming, thriving, blossoming,enriching, flourishing, beautiful natural agricultural lands and communities. Solving humanity’s needs with simple, natural, affordable and sustainable solutions, is one of the greatest challenges of our lifetime. With the advent of the Ecat being able to provide sustainable energy into remote arid land, combined with cutting edge Earth friendly technologies that have a proven track record, we can provide water and grow food anywhere, and help create vibrant healthy thriving communities. Starting from the ground up (water, soil, food, energy), Ecat and Bloom the Desert technologies can also rebuild, reshape and grow cities.”

Roger Green, Founder and Director, Bloom the Dessert (BTD)


Our Combined Technologies Support Vibrant Living Systems

The Rossi Ecat 1 MW containers are easily transported to anywhere in the world, including arid, dessert and remote locations.

Ecat Technology

The Ecat provides the energy needs for intensive greenhouse crops production in the form of heating (colder climates) and cooling (hotter climates).

Massive greenhouses can be built on cheap land, integrated with outdoor crops, shading and hydroponics. The Ecat can also provide the sustainable electricity needed for pumps, human dwellings and new LENR Cities.

As the worlds population increases and more land is needed for agriculture, the Ecat and BTD can provide the solutions for the need for increased food production. Obviously, these combinations can be used on current productive lands to increase yields and lower energy costs.

Primary Water

The key theory is that "primary water" is formed deep inside the crystalline rock strata of the Earth’s crust.

In a nutshell, primary, or earth-generated water is produced deep within the lithosphere and travels toward the surface under great pressure through fractures and fissures within the earth’s crust.

With proper understanding of how to find deep ‘primary water,' abundant water is located where it is most needed, including arid regions. This has been proven with many success stories: see references and film clips on www.BloomtheDesert.com

Creating fertile Soil

BTD specializes in converting arid desert sands into healthy fertile soil by using a unique blend of cutting edge technologies at a very low cost (without chemical fertilizers).

Our special blended microbes, biochar, ‘ormes’, magnetized water and where necessary “aura tower frequencies” have been proven in our Dubai farm trials to work efficiently in creating healthy soil from desert sand — to grow a range of food crops (with natural pest control). New and revolutionary recipes for effective salt reducing microorganisms are combined with other components of ‘Bloom the Desert’ for example, one of them being Bio char. Bio char enhanced soil offers direct value through improved water infiltration, water magnetism, holding capacity, structural stability, cation exchange capacity, soil biological activity and as a CO2 sink.

Bio char is of increasing interest because of concerns about climate change caused by emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. Carbon dioxide capture also ties up large amounts of oxygen and requires energy for injection (as via carbon capture and storage), whereas the bio char process breaks into the carbon dioxide cycle thus releasing oxygen as did coal formation hundreds of millions of years ago.

Bio char is seen as a major way for CO2 sequestering.

It is the combination of all of the BTD technologies that make it a unique effective process to create healthy soils. Bio char is charcoal created by pyrolysis of biomass, and differs from charcoal only in the sense that its primary use is not for fuel, but for bio sequestration or atmospheric carbon capture and storage Charcoal is a table solid rich in carbon content, and thus, can be used to lock carbon in the soil. A by-product of the Eco Global Fuels system (in our R &D ) also produces Bio char, hence it is a major CO2 sequestering technology along with renewable hydrogen and other fuels.

Desert farm beds getting ready to prepared with BTD technologies

Bio char being placed into the desert sands.

Leyland Minter, BTD consultant with his Bio char drum

Leyland Minter with Roger Green holding sample of ormes grown crops


BTD specializes in converting arid desert sands into healthy fertile soil by using a unique blend of cutting edge technologies at a very low cost (without chemical fertilizers).

Ormes is a unique technique to extract trace minerals from sea water.

  • The extraction methods are low cost and the minerals includes ruthenium, rhodium, palladium, silver, osmium, iridium, silver and gold.
  • Ormes stands for “orbitally rearranged mono-atomic elements” as some of the elements are in a monoatomic 'high-spin' state or superconductive state, which makes them biologically compatible and easily assimilated and absorbed at a cellular level.
  • These particles attract an increase of “light photons” into the plant. By using ormes, we increase the nutrition density and agricultural yields, the plants are healthier and the bottomline economics are improved.
  • Ormes has been used in many farms around the world, as an effective pest control and increasing crop yields by as much as 40%.
  • Recently, an ormes based product was proven in several trial farms around Australia, resulting in spectacular increase in yields, with the added benefit of not having to use chemical pest controls — because this product has high anti-fungi properties.

Ormes making on the Desert farm in Dubai

Control test. Plant on left is given our ormes product every 2 weeks. Double the size of middle plant (which is given a commercial fertilizer) Plant on right given nothing but water. All plants in a non-nutrient neutral soil

AURA Tower Generators

A technology that connects between Earth and Sky to facilitate accelerated growth and pest control.

AURA Towers do this by using signals transmitted which “link” between living matter growing in the soil and energetic signatures in the atmosphere. An excellent description of ‘Hieronymus Towers’ may be found in the popular book ‘Secrets Of The Soil’. They have proven to be effective for increasing germination, plant growth rates and natural immunity. Placed to activate and re-charge the natural ‘Fractal Field’ which replicates natural frequencies to increase fertility and longevity. Uniquely designed phase conjugate frequency radiator (2 wires into ground from the circuit) also produces a powerful microbial and worm accelerant. Imagine a small seeding growing in a pristine forest, it is supported in its growth by all of the frequencies generated by all the other plants. The aura tower creates the “nature frequencies” to support growth by seeds and plants in areas that are arid and less pristine. Easily assembled on site, several towers are set up into a geometric pattern, and can economically cover many miles of arid farm land.

Mineral Salt Test In A Captive Environment

Before & After in Parts Per Million (PPM)

Chart showing the independent testing of the BTD trial farm. We reduce the pH of the dessert sand from 13.2 to 8.20 - without chemical fertilizers!

Implosive Water Treatment

The ‘Super Imploder' device facilitates a de-clustering effect on water

The resulting water has a dramatic increase in solubility and bioavailability which increases crops nutrition density and yields, along with saving on water consumption. Over time, it can help restore a beaten landscape, to the beauty it once possessed.

Visit www.TheImploder.com for more information.

Integrated Hydroponics and Fish Farms

Australia has the worlds first 100% organic hydroponic system, which only using ormes, fish residue and magnetized water.

This system produces a large variety of organic cash crops such as vegetables and salad ingredients. Hydroponic systems are famous for being non-organic, usually many chemicals are used. With this unique blend of BTD technologies, the food crops are in a controlled enclosed “ormes nutriment” environment, without the threat of any contamination from pests and without the necessity for any pesticides.

With an integration of the Ecat, much larger hydroponics can be built with 100% sustainable energy input, converting the Ecat power into FOOD. In progressive, forward thinking countries throughout the world the commercial hydroponics industry has increased 4-5 fold during the last 10 years. It is currently estimated that the area under hydroponic cultivation is between 20,000 and 25,000 hectares with a farm gate value of US$6-8 billion.


Organic Hydroponics in Byron Bay, Australia - with Leyland Minter and Roger Green



BTD Mission

Bloom the Desert Projects will Promote and deliver capital investments into BLOOM THE DESERT JOINT VENTURES, to market, produce, license and develop globally the location of primary water, the development of agriculture products, soil rejuvenation processes, mineral resources detection, the adaption of cost effective technologies, sustainable electricity production, in conjunction and partnership with local companies, landowners and Governments.


Living dwellings, sustainable communities And Flourishing LENR Cities

Imagine a new city being powered by renewable low cost LENR...

...all transport needs such as cars, trains and even planes, being powered by LENR... We would grow our food and pump water with LENR, power our Eco-industries and light our celebrations, all with LENR.

LENR Cities are Ultra Designed Urban Environments, totally self sustainable with agriculture, and with an independent energy supply. New cities could be built from the ground up, incorporating state of the art infrastructure and ideal ways for building our homes and communities. LENR/Ecat and the agricultural technologies of BTD, combined with the concept of “Living Dwellings and Full Spectrum Bio-Architecture" would create flourishing cities, which would attract money, investment, commercialism, tourism, and “life force, health and longevity”.

Full Spectrum Bio-Architecture is the application of natural forms, ratios, proportions, geometry, energy flows and growth patterns in order to create life enhancing designs and truly sustainable systems. Full Spectrum Bio-Architecture is a revolution in urban design and community planning. Its aim is to grow “Living Cities” which captures the inherent ‘life force’ of the environment which brings a deep re-charging to all who live and work there. The designs and materials increase health and longevity. It is an economical and efficient way to building sustainable beautiful communities, anywhere in the world. An ecosystem that also applies some of the ancient knowledge of human planning and design such as Sacred Geometry, Feng shui, Vastu Shastra and modern applications like Permaculture.

Applying these beautiful algorithms into Bio-Architecture, incorporating natural building materials and the LENR/Rossi energy systems, we can design abundant living space (sometimes called ‘sacred’) full of resonance, awareness and a celebration of human creativity.

References www.BloomtheDesert.com


Investment Opportunity

Lets Build LENR Cities From The Ground Up

We have the techniques and technology to begin on low cost land (or anywhere) Desert and arid lands could be our first choice because of over population and cost of land.

  • We can green deserts and turn them into productive agricultural communities.
  • Bring economic development to third world communities
  • Bring together capitalism and sustainable designs
  • Protect our Mother Earth.