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Ecat Demonstration, compiled, edited and written by 

Roger Green, Ecat licensee 

Cold Fusion Ecat SK LENR thermal generator 

is released to the USA market.

At the beginning of the live demonstration, Ecat inventor Andrea Rossi run through some of the calculations. He stated the Ecat has a COP of 57: 1  
That is extremely impressive, anything above a COP of 10: 1 is fantastic.
The claimed COP (Coefficient of Performance—Output power/Input power) for the entire device is 57, with the electric input power being 380 W. However, the electric power is supposedly consumed almost entirely for cooling of the control panel and that heat is being reused at the output. The claimed power consumption of the E-Cat SK reactor is 0.8 mW, meaning that the COP for the reactor alone would be in the order of tens of millions.
The Ecat SK in the live demo was 1 x 22kW Ecat SK.
The temperature is up to 600 Celsius (much higher inside the reactor)
Each unit is 22 kW
Measure 93 x40x47 cm and consumes electricity for the control system.
380W used by the control panel
Weigh 9.1 kg
Does not produce carbon dioxide!! 
Rossi stated they could build bigger boxes which would enclose multiple E-Cats.
Inside the blue box is the controller and the E-Cat. There are the two pipes sticking out of the top of the box (cool-in, hot-out) which can be used for any gas or fluid. 
The customer has the Ecat heat and they can do what they want with it. Obviously for most it would go into a heat exchanger where they can control the pressure and temperature. Some customers might generate electricity from the heat using a turbine and generator
Rossi stated the 22kW module (dimensions we saw in the demo) is the basis of larger units up to 200kW, which would comprise 10 x 22kW units.

1MW of Ecat Heat is 5 x 200kW units

Customers can quickly scale and add in-parallel to any capacity they need. Deals can be done of the cost of the ecat heat for larger installations. He stated that Leonardo Corp guarantees to customer the energy price to them is 20% less than current fees, that is 20 percent below market price, subject to negotiation for larger installations. The customer pays for the thermal energy coming out minus the electrical energy.
Orders for heat produced commercially by the E-Cat SK can now be made. Rossi stated the ideal customer would be a factory owner having a need for heat in the order of the output of one or several E-Cat SK (each producing 22 kW), and having staff that can be trained according to the safety certification (ie a factory with a engineer on hand). An existing system of heat is required as a back up, so ideal is a retro fit out with the Ecat.
According to the report, the internal temperature within the reactor reaches a temperature of about 10.000° c, heating a coolant through an embedded heat exchanger. The Standard Version of e-cat can heat water or steam up to 500-600° c. Using a different heat exchanger and other refrigerants, it is possible to reach significantly higher temperatures, essentially limited only by the properties of the heat exchanger material.

To give you an idea of the massive energy density of LENR, one barrow of Ni-H fuel, taken through the Ecat process, releases the same energy as a super tanker of oil. This is an energy density that is 100,000 times greater or more than burning fossil fuels. The LENR Effect is an exothermal nuclear process that releases energy at around 17MeV per atomic reaction compared to the burning of Hydrogen which only releases 1.5eV per atomic reaction (Burning H2 in O2). Per atom, the exothermal process has an energy content of more than a million times the energy content of the most energetic (per weight) chemical process. LENR is 100% green and carbon free. LENR is a nuclear reaction, however it does not require uranium/plutonium, has no nuclear byproducts, and has no harmful effects or safety issues like fission energy. 

Cheap, Small and Scalable: 

The forthcoming LENR devices are all very cost efficient. They are small, easy to manufacture/operate, highly efficient and reliable, with no moving parts

  • Low Operation and Maintenance Costs  
  • Minimal Fuel Transport Cost  
  • Zero Carbon Dioxide Emissions
  • Zero Noise

From the press release

“The E-Cat SK produces kilowatts of energy while consuming only grams of inexpensive and abundant fuel (hydrogen, nickel, lithium) over a period of six months. The EcatSK is available now for industrial applications. If you want safe, reliable, competitively priced heat, we encourage you to contact us.”

Wishing you all Plenty of Clean Energy,

Roger Green, 

“If you could change the price of one thing to really lift up the lives of the poorest people everywhere, it would be the price of energy,” Bill Gates