Transportation Fuels


Converting Ecat Energy into Fuels

Hydrogen, Ethanol & CO2 Sequestering


No other process is able to take Ecat electricity, combine it with water and CO2, and produce renewable ETHANOL, without using bio mass (food) and with such a remarkable ROI

Renewable Ecat Electricity + Water + Hydroxy Generator = Hydrogen, Oxygen + Catalysis + Carbon Dioxide = Renewable Ethanol & other Fuels


Major CO2 Sequestering

A by-product of the EGF system is oxygen and iron oxide. The iron oxide is used to feed algae (which accelerates algae growth), then burnt into ‘biochar’ and placed into agricultural land to regenerated it with carbon, which radically increases food production. When you calculate the CO2 used in the ethanol manufacturing process with the iron oxide used in the algae/biochar production, we achieve over 100% CO2 sequestering - no other technology can achieve this!

Eco Global Solanol production is financially viable because it is economically scalable, is less than half the cost of conventional electrolysis, has very low maintenance costs, does not use diaphragms which clog and need constant replacement, and has reliable cell units made from low cost materials that are durable lasting for approx. 20 years - all of which has been independently validated by trials and testing at a Sydney based University. It is distributed using existing delivery infrastructure.

Validation report completed (refer to documents/on website address below)
All our calculations are based on third party independent testing

Independent Validation Completed (Sydney University Report)

Proven 170 litres per KWH with degradation, iron and hydroxyl rates measured.
EGF has produced many documents based on the data from this independent report, including all ROI and economics involved. A presentation is available

Current Development Stage:

We are ready to scale up to a working prototype (a detailed budget available)

Capital required:

To construct a 300 KWhr prototype refinery, producing renewable hydrogen, oxygen and ethanol. Safety and government protocols are completed. This is a template for construction of all SOLANOL refineries worldwide and a working final proof of concept that can be witnessed by all governments and industries.

EGF then enters into JV’s and licensing agreements producing a ROI for our investors.

Unique, Economic & Patentable

With a foundation of decades of research, Eco Global Fuels has harnessed the hydrogen component of water through a unique, economic and patentable process of electrolysis, (independently validated) which can be powered by the Ecat renewable electricity. The hydrogen is then combined with CO2 (sequestering) and a catalysts to manufacture renewable ethanol and other transportation liquid fuels such as aviation butanol. We have branded these fuels “Solanol”.

View our website here www.EcoGlobalFuels.com

Inquires: Roger Green ecoglobalfuels@earthlink.net


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