Eco Global Fuels PTY LTD is the Ecat Agent for the following territories.

  • Indonesia

For inquiries for the 1 MW (warm) Ecat and for business collaborations, joint ventures, commercialization of the Ecat products and any other areas of development

Roger Green, Director

All inquiries will be handled with confidentiality. We will usually request a NDA for further discussion of the Ecat purchase and any Business opportunities

Indonesia population is approximately 250 million.

The country's economy, is one of the largest in Southeast Asia. Indonesia was the 27th-largest exporting country in the world in 2010, moving up three spots from 2009, according to World Trade Organization data. The industry sector is the economy's largest, and accounts for 46.4 percent of GDP. It is followed by services (37.1 percent) and agriculture (16.5 percent). The country has extensive natural resources, including crude oil, natural gas, tin, copper, and gold.

We are looking forward to providing the above industries with clean renewable Ecat Thermal Heat for all of their industrial processes.